12 Proven & Tested 
High-Converting Video Ad Funnels 
For You to Model for Your Own Offers

Why Spend TONS of Money & Endless HOURS of Trial & Error 
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  • 12 Facebook Video Ad Funnels including Copy, Video, and Targeting
  • Over-the-shoulder training to ensure you GET Results!
  • PDFs and step-by-step instructions
  • ​Video ad funnels breakdown
  • ​Full training delivered on how to use replicate these funnels for your own niches & offers!
  • ​Learn to emulate and WIN from your FIRST campaign

Facebook Video Ad Funnels 
You Can Use to Replicate for Any Niche
Saving TONS of Time and Money!

Here’s What A Few Lucky Beta Testers Had to Say:

Dave Sweney, CEO, Soaring Eagle LLC (SMART Tools for Business)
“Adam’s Funnel Snoop Course teaches marketers to quickly create effective and simple video sales funnels that can be used on social platforms, blogs, and elsewhere. The methodology he uses consists of (1) Providing a variety of case studies of successful video sales funnels in different niches, then (2) Walking students through the process of setting up similar video sales funnels. The content is easy to follow and implement. This course is well worth your time and money, folks. Kudos, Adam, you have hit it out of the ballpark again!”
Albertus Viljoen
Before I endorse any product I look at the following:
• Is it from a reputable vendor?
• Have they created prior products?
• If so, have those products actually lasted years instead of months in the market? And most important...
• What kind of support do they provide?
I’m happy to say, Funnel Snoop’s Adam Payne ticks all the right boxes, all his products are top notch, have stood the test of time and is proven to work if you apply what he teaches, not to mention the great support provided.
 Funnel Snoop provides you with a set of proven to be successful Facebook Video ad Funnels in different niches. 

The First-Ever All-in-One Comprehensive Facebook Video Ads Funnel System that Eliminates all the Guesswork… 


For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Adam Payne. I'm originally from the U.K. but now live in Japan.

Before I saw any sort of success with video marketing, I spent far too long in the trenches, away from family and friends.

Instead of enjoying my life, I spent my days testing out campaigns, writing ad copy…

And constantly worrying about what would happen next.

Would I lose everything I’d worked so hard for? Would my conversions finally improve, or take a major nosedive?

Life was passing me by, with my competitors making more sales than me. 

Big brands had all the success and money I’d only ever dreamed of…

So I did what made the most sense to me ― learn about video marketing

I got every book, read every blog post, signed up for courses…

But I quickly noticed the tools and resources were all over the place. It was all piecemeal, so knowing what to use, and in what order, was and still is a science in and of itself.

Assuming you figure it out, you’re still left playing around with tactics that just don’t work…

I should know...

I’ve been scammed out of $5k, just trying to obtain the information I’m offering you today.

But I didn’t quit. And I’m glad.

Because... Video is the best way to sell, period.

Check Out These Facebook Video Stats!

Facebook delivers an Insane amount of views on a daily basis!
In fact, 53% of consumers engage with a brand after viewing a video on social media.

And 62% of viewers said they were more interested in a product after seeing it on the platform.

The Trouble is...

Unless you know what kind of Facebook video ads convert, you’ll just be throwing money at Facebook and wondering where all your money went. 

Only by understanding the subtle nuances between an ad that reads well, but doesn’t convert and one that actually drives sales can you lead your prospects to take action and click on your link.

You May Have Been Told These Common (and Stupid) Myths About Facebook Ads... 

You Must Have Special Software

Facebook has everything you need to set up your ad. There’s no need for any extra software.

You just need to show up, learn from the mistakes of others and use what worked for them. These funnels CONVERT!

You Need a Large Budget

Four years ago, I set out to crack the code of Facebook video ads. And I did, by trying something very few people were attempting back then: video ads, but in a whole new way. 

I set up two ads with a tiny $20 budget, and cranked out $239 in sales, giving me a 600% return and a laser targeted audience of 698,800.

You Have to Be a Member of an “Insider’s Club”

Anyone can run a successful Facebook Video Ad campaign and get a fantastic ROI....

 You just need to figure out the right way to do it. 

So If Those Myths Aren’t True AT ALL...

What Is?

Introducing... Funnel Snoop!

12 Super Profitable TESTED Video Ads That 
YOU Can Use to Craft Your Own Winning Campaigns 
WITHOUT Any Experience....

4 Reasons Why
You MUST Grab FunnelSnoop Today!

Full Access 
to 12 Funnels that have proven to be a success!

Winning Ad Copy at Your Disposal!

Made Easy! Use this for your ads.

Price will be Going Up very Soon! Get it Now!

Funnel Snoop Includes These 12 High-Converting Facebook Video Ad Funnels Which Grab Attention and Turn Strangers into Paying Customers

This funnel is proven to pull in buyers who want to learn how to leverage Shopfiy.
Know any real estate agents who could use your help driving leads for them?
Who do you know who holds events that might want you to run their Facebook ads?
You know who they are: Neil Patel, Lewis Howes, PayPal. Need I say more?
How many local service providers do you know who need your help to get more leads? I bet a LOT!
Those people who message you trying to get you to join their MLM - now you can pitch them back to run their Facebook ads.
Do you think there might be a few Forex affiliate products you can drive traffic to? Yeah. There are a TON!
Who do you know who has a personal development product you can promote modeled after this proven funnel? No one? That’s okay. There are a BOATLOAD of products on Clickbank in this niche.
Use this funnel as a model for anything in the pet niche. You KNOW how much people love their pets!
Maybe spirituality is your thing. Maybe it’s not. But it’s a HUGE niche with a whole lotta info products on Clickbank you can promote.
Facebook Ad Compliance in the Health Niche is Tricky! Stay Safe! I’ve got your back!
Use this funnel as a model for products in the weight loss space, health related products and more!!

It doesn’t matter what Niche you are in, Funnel Snoop helps you bank big, FAST by having others spend money doing the testing so you don’t have to.
No need to re-invent the wheel!

 You'll Gain A Massive Advantage With...
Access to all the above 12 video ad funnels. You'll get the videos, the ad copy and the landing pages.
Over the shoulder training that takes you through each step of creating a square video primed for Facebook.
Access to a Private Support Desk so that you get your questions answered.
Bonus PDF material on how to craft Video Ad Copy that works to get you results.
In fact, I'm Even Going To Sweeten The Deal
So when you grab Funnel Snoop today,
you'll also get some amazing bonuses completely free... 
Bonus#1: Video Creation For Introverts
I know not all of us want to be on camera. 

Nor we can always express our feelings easily, even behind a screen.

That’s why I used my experience and the advice of my friends to create this bonus for you, my introverted friend.

Bonus#2: Video Script Mastery
My Facebook Video Ad funnel set is just the first stepping stone in you scaling your business.

Your creativity will jump in soon enough. 

But you’ll still need guidance. 

Why not get it in advance?

Saying “No” To Funnel Snoop Today Is NOT Saving $27

It’s Lighting THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of Dollars On FIRE

Think about it… You’ve probably wanted to have greater success with Facebook ads for a long time. 

You’ve wanted some sort of “edge” that can help you get there… You don’t want to compete with the same tired ads in the same exhausted niches… 

You’ve been looking high and low for something different, unique, powerful, and proven.

Here it is. Staring you in the face.

It’s Funnel Snoop, and it's 100% RISK FREE. Don’t you owe it to yourself to TRY it out? 

To see the exact copy of video ads have proven to convert, the exact videos and the exact landing pages?

What if you use that intel to create your own video ads without reinventing the wheel?

What if it works?

Might that be the beginning of a whole new era for you

One where money flows into your life more easily than ever… 

One where you have a business that WORKS, that you are proud of?

Now I should warn you... There is a catch on securing Funnel Snoop. 

I honestly can't keep all the bonuses & the pricing at the current deal you see here today.
Funnel Snoop Investment


Do You REALLY Want to Figure All This Out YOURSELF?

Or Are You Ready to Master Facebook Video Funnels the Easy Way?
I’ve already made it. And you know it. Through Funnel Snoop I’m willing to share my knowledge for pennies!

If you were to buy an advertising book at the local bookstore, would you return it?

The same goes here: You acquire knowledge. Which is not free. Or refundable. ;)


One last thing before we wrap up today... I just want to say something right now because I know a lot of you are thinking this.. It really doesn't matter to me if you grab Funnel Snoop today. 

Just know that the prices you see here today will be increased over the next few months.

Those who know me know that I do not mess about with fake scarcity

And, whether you make this investment and join Funnel Snoop, or not, it will have zero impact on the quality of my life.  

I'm not going to eat anything different tonight for dinner, I'm not going to change the way I dress, what I drive.

The difference however is... this investment could mean everything for you. I'm not going to notice whether you buy or not.  

It won't change the quality of my life at all, but if you buy it's going to change the quality of your life. I need you to really understand that. This is not about me, this is about you.  

That's why I created Funnel Snoop, because I want to help and I want to serve you.

Thanks for listening & I look forward to seeing you inside.
Adam Payne
And as I Give a FAQ!
  • What Exactly is Funnel Snoop?
A set of 12 high-converting, proven lead-generating Facebook Video Ad Funnels (for you to mimic) including videos, ad copy, ad targeting, and landing pages supported by training courses and software to make everything easy for you.
    • Is it Suitable for a Newbie?
    Yes. Before I became a video marketing expert, I was a full-time teacher, so I’ve designed Funnel Snoop to be as easy as possible to understand and implement. As long as you’re dedicated and set aside the time necessary to immerse yourself in the knowledge provided, you’ll be fine.
    • Are there any upgrades?
    Yes, two of them. 
    The first is access to a monthly club called Snoop Club. It provides 4 extra funnels each month that are designed for Facebook and YouTube.

    The second is YouTube Snoop. It features 12 YouTube ad funnels, giving you access to the videos themselves, the scripts (PDF format), and the landing pages where traffic is directed.

      • What it I Need Help?
      No worries. 
      We have a stellar support desk that you can get in touch with at anytime. 
      PS… There is NOTHING to hide. I reserve the right to increase the price at any point. And I will :-)

      PPS... Questions? Comments? Need Support? Please send an email to: [email protected]
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